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Satisfaction Guaranteed  ​

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Accurate and Honest


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TLB Vehicle Registration Services has been a leading service provider in California since 1981, with an impeccable reputation for honesty, expertise, and reliability. We offer exceptional services for unique titling and registration needs, title corrections, and other stubborn California titling paperwork that may be causing you trouble.


With TLB, you can rely on a dependable and professional service. Contact us for a consultation or to learn more about TLB Vehicle Registration Services and how we can assist you.


California Vehicle Title and Registration

TLB offers high-quality professional title and registration services to vehicle dealerships nationwide, collaborating with financial institutions, credit unions, banks, wholesalers, and auctions to meet their California title and registration needs.



Each request for title and registration needs has its very own unique “story” and involved “elements” of facts. TLB Vehicle Registration Services learns the facts and needs and then incorporates the California laws and procedures to include documents, to support and secure the transaction. 


TLB has a strong reputation for honesty, expertise, and reliability. It offers unparalleled services for addressing special and unique titling and registration needs, title corrections, and dealing with stubborn, non-moving California titling paperwork.

A Bit of History

In 1981, a California state representative urged Terri Lynn Burval to offer her superior and liability-free California DMV paperwork skills to all entities in need. He mentioned that in all his years of working in state investigations, he had never seen such exceptional documentation and presentation skills displayed in DMV paperwork processing. He strongly encouraged her to become an independent vehicle title and registration consultant and processor.


With the help of her father and the supreme help of God, Terri took a leap of faith into a world that offered no promises but gave a glimmer of hope. That glimmer of hope still shines and is the foundation of Terri's success.

Terri Lynn Burval
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