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Our Procedures

Each request for title and registration need has its very own unique “story” and involved “elements” of facts. TLB Vehicle Registration Services learns the facts and needs then incorporates the California laws and procedures to include documents, to support and secure the transaction. All necessary parties involved will work closely together to secure a positive end result.


Each transaction will be processed according to facts, legal owner recording, registered owner recording, and vehicle description to include factual odometer recording when legally required.

TLB Vehicle Registration Services may involve other professional entities to assist in the final presentation of documents and facts to California DMV to secure a title and/or registration.


To expedite the process of documentation, traceable overnight or second-day air mail is encouraged. This will also help prevent lost documents through regular mail. Regular mail will be utilized at the request of the client. A special fee will be introduced for overnight and second-day air delivery.

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