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About Us

TLB Vehicle Registration Services has been a leader in California since 1981 building a reputation for honesty, expertise, and reliability.


We take pride in assisting all USA Vehicle Dealerships, Wholesalers, Auctions, Financial Institutions, Credit Unions, Banks and individuals with their unique California title and registration needs.


It is and will always be TLB’s goal to assure pure and liability-free DMV documentation on each DMV transaction. We take this goal absolutely seriously. This is what makes TLB stand “Above and Beyond” all other titling services. You have nothing to lose but that awful paperwork just sitting around unprocessed, and everything to gain by implementing TLB Vehicle Registration Services to your rescue!


TLB’s unique liability research concept, filtration, and California DMV procedural laws are a benefit to all entities and persons in need of bringing closure to a California title and registration need.

TLB Vehicle Registration Services are truly unparalleled.

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