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TLB Vehicle Registration Services has been a prominent name in California since 1981, known for its honesty, expertise, and reliability. The company offers unparalleled services for handling unique titling and registration needs, as well as correcting titles and resolving stubborn, non-moving problems related to California titling paperwork.

Happy Clients 

Happy Clients
I too was relieved of tension...I live in New York. I purchased a vehicle from a person that also lives in New York. She purchased the vehicle from a gentleman in California. Well, the California title was lost!

New York DMV could not help me with a title. California DMV could not help me with a title. I was so mad and disappointed that both DMVs could not help. I 'fished' the internet and found TLB Vehicle Registration Services.

Actually, I found a few prior to her services, but the others didn't know how to proceed with the problem. But, TLB came to the rescue! I now have a California Title Only in my name.

I plan on selling the vehicle and making a few bucks on it.

Terri Burval's fee was remarkably low. The other DMV services I called either could not help me OR they wanted $450.00 to $800.00 for their fee only. I paid TLB Vehicle Registration Services under $200.00 for everything! I will always use this DMV service...always! 

What a relief...For three years I could not register and title a classic car due to all of the paperwork being lost. The car had at least 4 previous owners and several incomplete prior owners. California DMV refused to help me. I garaged the vehicle and was deciding to sell it to make it someone else's nightmare. I put an add-in Craiglist to sell the car. An interested person wanted to know why I was selling the car...I told him the truth. He told me all about TLB Vehicle Registration Services and how he used their service for 34 years on various vehicles he had purchased and sold. I called Terri Lynn Burval, owner of TLB Vehicle Registration Services, and I had a Title and Registration in my name within 5 weeks!

She did all of the work! The Title, Registration, and Plates were mailed to my home. I was so happy that I took the car off of Craigslist. There was no need to sell it!

Thank you, Terri, for giving me peace of mind and I'm having such a good time proudly driving my classic car anywhere and everywhere. Oh, and when Terri told me her fees, I nearly fell out of my chair! I could not believe she did so much for so little fees. Every Penny Was Worth It! Every Penny! If you're reading this, Terri, I painted my car metallic candy apple red...the color you suggested for that year and model.

You were right...I have received first place in the very majority of the car shows I have put my car in! Thank you so much, Terri, for helping me retain my dreams with my dream car!

This Registration service made an ugly transaction easy for me.
They did all the work...California DMV refused to process my paperwork saying I needed more money and various signatures. I returned to DMV and they sent me home again saying I needed more information. I spent a total of 10.5 hours at DMV for nothing. Then, a friend of mine told me about TLB Vehicle Registration Services. I called them and I never had to return to DMV again. They did it all. I received a Temporary Operation Allowance while waiting for the new registration and title to come to my address. Wow, how easy. I wish I would have known about this service prior. I will never visit California DMV again...I'll just have TLB Veh. Reg. Svcs. do all the work for me. The fees for this service is worth it because they do all of the only cost me a phone call/consultation, postage stamp, the DMV fees, and the service fees. Everything else they did!!!! I just love this service.

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